About Us


Ideas often SWITCH on ONE each other, like electrical sparks.
Friedrich Engels

This quote makes me think about the genesis of this project. The initial spark came from passion and strong bond which has always linked us to this territory.
Thus, the idea was born: creating in Val Maremola an area dedicated to bikers who want to meet and experience other realities.

The green gym boys. Trails curators


I do love this sport, I love my territory of which I got every inch inside my head, every curve of it and every jump.

I was among the first people to ride these mountain bike trails and I believed and strongly believe in this project. It is essential to enhance the territory by recovering and refinding lines of paths that have always been there and underline our hinterland, without intruding – indeed protecting – our forests, keeping them clean while rebuilding old and new paths.


A path’s birth come the emotion that a specific territory provoke on you.

Then it’s just matter of getting lost and find yourself in a forest to understand its essence, becoming part of it, looking for a line that only you can feel and can see.


The spark that gave birth to this passion, growing riding downhill , curve after curve, came to me thanks to my wife Alessandra.

Wandering along the paths of the Finale with her I realized the unexpressed potential of many of these tracks and so I started to modify, fix up, draw new lines to improve and create the perfect path.

My commitment, together with the commitment of other friends, has contributed to the development of all the trail network built today in the area. And now we continue …


I have been building paths for about 20 years, I try to do my best because many times I am also the first one using them (SOME TIMES ENDURO MOTORBIKES ARE STEALING THE PRIMACY ).

Every time I repeat this hazardous gesture, beyond the money’s meanest motivation or feelings’ noblest motivation, here is an involvement that frames me and from which I cannot fail. The clear feeling of being myself a biker, and the sense that I will give to my work, will inevitably turn into an emotion given by that absolute rhythm that you will succeed impressing in a sequence of notes made of curves – changes of slope, with a precise “rhythm” . Surfing the waves of the sea and off-piste skiing have always been the right notes for me, that inspire my emotions, which I hope I managed to pass on to others.