The trails

The trails


This path is located in Castagnabanca, starting from the dirt road that leads to the Pian delle Bosse refuge. The first 300 meters are very smooth, with mixed soil and rock and slight slopes.

The only difficulty is represented by a jump of a rock, which can however be avoided.
Immediately after it, the trail crosses the dirt road of the Alta Via that leads to Cascina Porro.

On the left, the path continues with a slope, quite challenging bends and compressions, until it ends on the road of the Gattelle.

From here you can continue on the right going up for a short distance up to the Dog Eat Dog trail, which ends in Giustenice, or, by turning left, you reach the road that leads to Giogo di Giustenice.


Also the Rock’n’rolla trail is located in Castagnabanca and can be reached by taking the first stretch of the Aleluia.

Once on the dirt road of the Alta Via that leads to Cascina Porro, you have to continue on the right and the path developes with moderately challenging slopes, sharp bends and well-rounded hairpin bends.

The bottom is mainly earthy and becomes rocky in the last part, before arriving on the Gattelle road.


A natural extention of the Rock’n’rolla, this trail begins about 50 meters to the left after a very short ascent on the Gattelle road.

The path is very smooth and fast and does not have particularly difficult passages. There is no shortage of curves and a few jumps, but the slopes are milder than the previous paths.

It ends just above Giustenice and in a few minutes you can reach the town center.


This trail was the special test of the 2017 Enduro World Series.

We are on the east side of Cresta Mario and the trail can be reached by traveling along the highland road up to Bric Tampa, from where the descent begins, after a short tract while pedaling, which is immediately challenging with bends and turns that follow one each other incessantly until they end in Isallo with a woad among rocks, which is pretty technical.

Photo courtesy of: Flow 2017


We are at Giogo di Giustenice between Mount Carmo and Bric Aguzzo. The path starts from the beech forest on the slope of Cresta Mario and immediately starts with relatively easy curves in counter-slope and several compressions where you have to “release the brakes” to ensure maximum enjoyment.

The path is almost entirely in the woods, apart from a stretch that passes by the “uranium road”, for then resuming into the woods. The bottom is earthy and the grip is good and on arrival you can stop at Cascina Porro for a pleasant refreshment break.


It starts from Cascina Porro taking the path on the left of the square. The first section is fairly flat, with the exception of two compressions, not particularly demanding that cross gullies dug by water, continuing, always immersed in the vegetation, after some relaunched pedaling, it crosses the Giogo di Giustenice road and continues on the east side of the Costa di Vio, here the slopes gradually increase and the path becomes very fast, with a succession of straights, some compressions and not particularly harsh curves, you cross a spring water and continue always under the Costa di Vio to finish on the paved section of the Giogo in the prosecution of the Cross Country of Giustenice.


The “Oltre finale” path I called “Sentiero delle caselle” was born from a project in favor of tourism outdoor focused, promoted by the Municipality of Pietra Ligure by the figure of Councilor Daniele Rembado. A reference figure to thank enourmously in the role of intermediary between the municipality and the private sector is our friend Stefano De Vecchi, an expert on the territory with deep knowledge of all equilibrium that have allowed the realization of the trails on the traces of existing paths, like in upper part (from Giogo di Giustenice to Rifugio Pian delle Bosse) and more or less evident traces in the lower part (from Rifugio Pian delle Bosse to Cabanun in San Martino area) arranged expressly for use by mountain bikers. In his total length the trail is around 5 km with natural high part with a medium difficulty technical component and a very smooth and fun lower part because tamed and made softer and more playful.


A medium difficulty path that crosses a beech forest of unique beauty and then descends on fixed static stones and centenary tree roots.

To then channel in a totally worked part (1400 mt) of pleasant and funny curves and banks.

Possible crossings from Hiroshima Mon Amour to the Uranium road and then turn right to get to the trail start.

Total path length 2800 mt.